Brand Repositioning

The Project

Creating a Modern Mindset for the Relaunch of a New York Icon

In the 1980’s, Donna Karan became a global staple as the uniform for working women. In 1985, she created a film together with Denis Piel that dove into the mind of the career driven women of the time. Taking cues from this film and the roots of the brand,  we were commissioned to help reposition DKNY through the lens of the modern woman.


Creative Direction

Art Direction and Design

Key Insight Analysis

Target Audience Definition


Hector Muelas

Project  Team

Natalee Ranii-Dropcho

Kevin Kearney

Harry Gassel

Othelo Gervacio

Nolan McHugh

Film production

Alldayeveryday c/o

Lucy Cooper

Nicola Westerman


Marcelo Gomes


Greta Gerwig

female lead

Drake Burnett

In 1985, she defined herself by what she had done. Today, she defines herself by what she has yet to do.

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“Fashion only becomes significant when it transcends itself to capture what women feel about their lives.”

—Sarah Mower
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