Sensa Sport

Brand Creation

The Project

Creating a Modern Performance Brand Intersecting Sport and Cannabis.

Commissioned by Dosist operator 14th Round, we were tasked to create the first Sport Performance Brand in the Cannabis Market. Spanning THC and CBD products for both dispensary outlets and over the counter retail, Sensa is a new icon for today's athlete.


Key Insight Analysis

Concept Development

Naming and Positioning

Target Audience Definition

Brand Foundation

Art Direction and Design

Visual Identity System

Vessel & Packaging Design

Project Team

Kevin Kearney

Ryan Giese

Natalee Ranii-Dropcho

Solange Beeks

Othelo Gervacio

Gradient Artwork

Daniel Forkin


Ben Clement

Alana Patterson

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Aim high. Lay low.

Driven by performance and sustained by recovery, Sensa is a sport brand exercising the power of cannabis to move bodies and free minds.

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Made by nature and refined by science, Sensa channels the capacity for cannabis to elevate states into conscious solutions for the modern athlete. A precise offering of THC and CBD formulas, targeted for performance and recovery so that every athlete can transcend their potential.

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