Kamaal Williams

Hold On

The Project

Inspired by iconic jazz performances from the late 1950's, we set out to create a timeless, yet contemporary film for Hold On, the lead single off of Kamaal Williams new album, Wu Hen.

Shot on 16mm black and white, we deconstructed the format by playing with angles and mirrors, transforming the artists into abstract figures, thus illustrating the distance you can feel towards your reflection and sense of self.


Creative Direction

Art Direction and Design

Creative Production

Project Team

Kevin Kearney

Malvin Wix

Tahira White


Ore Okonedo

Knucklehead London

19th and Park

Directed By

Océane Combeau

Broken Antenna


Alex Reid

Edited By

Ben Boullier

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“The lyrics are about reflecting on yourself and removing everything that you think makes you, you. But really without it, all you are is your truest self.”

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