The Standard

Editorial Booking Platform

The Project

Creating the Hotels’ Editorial Content and Booking Platform

We partnered with the Standard Hotel Group to create a groundbreaking website for the hospitality industry. Bringing their editorial voice to the homepage, we combined a simple global booking process with best in class brand programming to increase bookings and build long term readership on the site.


Key Insight Analysis

Target Audience Definition

Creative Direction

Art Direction & Design

Editorial Content Strategy

Community Development

Website Implementation

Project Team

Ryan Frank

Kim Kelly

Andrew Chee

Kevin Kearney

Liz Cornine

Othelo Gervacio

Phil Leif Bjerknes

Chris Frank

Richard Calahan

Client Team

Claire Darrow

Lucy McIntyre

Laura Nolte

Amar Lalvani

David Meyer

Joey Jallelo


Cheryl Dunn

Balarama Heller

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“I’m interested in the connection between an individual’s personal experience and their work in a chosen field. The notion of a design or artwork, story or place, having a timelessness means to me that a person or a group of people used their own experience to such specificity that they transcended the details of the current society and created something timeless and what some call universal.”

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