Kamaal Williams

Street Dreams

The Project

A Trip Through an Immaterial Realm

We worked with Qiu Yang Studio to create a film for ‘Street Dreams,’ Kamaal Williams’ intro track off of his third studio album, Wu Hen. The film builds off of our hand painted album artwork and envelopes the viewer in an ethereal journey that bends space and time.


Creative Direction

Art Direction and Design

Creative Production

Project Team

Kevin Kearney

Othelo Gervacio

Jackson Cantor

Malvin Wix

Yves Laroque


Qiu Yang Studio


Bas Moonen

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“Street Dreams is mesmerizing, it takes your mind on a trip, setting the mood to the album. To us this film was about creating something that interprets and connects to the music and rhythm of the track rather than adding a story line. We worked from the cover painting by Othelo Gervacio to create a rather abstract journey through clouds – one that is beautiful, sensual but also very dark and violent at the same time.”

— Qiu Yang Studio

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